Psychological consultation is voluntary and confidential.
It is an activity when a psychologist provides psychological service to the client, such as psychological evaluation or psychological interventions, provides different service, such as psychological education.
A psychologist helps to understand the reasons of the problems and find the most effective help sources.
During the consultation, the cosmetologist will assess the condition of the skin and identify the skin type (dry, oily, combination, etc.), resulting in an individual treatment plan of facial and body procedures considering the client‘s age differences. Cosmetologist will also identify characteristics of certain skin problems and ensure the safety and high quality of the beauty services provided.

*Consultation is free of charge if purchasing a procedure

A doctor evaluates a patient’s biosocial functions and prescribes ambulatory medical rehabilitation service from the first stage (individual or in a group). The specialist also decides if it is necessary to have a second appointment. If a disease is chronic and not acute, after providing the appointed service, physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor’s appointment is not essential.

*Consultation is free of charge if purchasing therapeutic procedures package

During the consultation, the physiotherapist will assess your lifestyle and current problems based on your input. After thorough examination of the functional condition of muscles and joints (volume, length, strength, endurance, coordination, tension, tone) and analysis of body composition with the latest technology, they will select and apply the most suitable physiotherapy treatment methods and create an individual physiotherapy plan or individual training program.

*Consultation is free of charge if purchasing therapeutic procedures package

Body composition analyzer measures fat, muscles and general level of water in the body as well as a mass index. The whole body data can be divided into intracellular water and extracellular water. It is very important to understand the user’s liquid distribution medically, in wellness context and fitness.
Diagnostics covers a lot of tests, which help you to do the following to evaluate the patient’s problematic areas:
• Stability test
• Balance test (standing on one leg)
• Walking test
• Mobility test
• Strength test
During the primary consultation a cosmetologist accurately questions the patient and the problems he/she faces. Hydrojet systems and protocols are made to adapt to individual patient’s needs and present skin problems as well as advice to solve them effectively.
The STENDO® technology of lymphatic drainage developed in France is an innovative, scientifically proven new generation compression therapy. The exclusive advantage of STENDO® is the dynamic synchronization and momentary adaptation of internal pressure in the tissues of blood vessels affecting the activity of your heart. Unlike conventional lymphatic drainage massage systems, the heart rate is constantly assessed during the procedure while compression and pressure are adjusted to it.
Using STENDO you can achieve remarkable results: improve blood circulation, normalize the function of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, cleanse the body of toxins as well as reduce limb swelling. It is also recommended for those who want to lose weight, get rid of cellulite, correct the body shape, improve muscle tone, and restore the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
“Laserneedle Touch” laser therapy is a new technology of point-like low-intensity laser therapy. The technology combines a laser with a special High Power Density (HPD) technology to deliver the required laser power. This laser is really unique compared to other similar laser devices, as it does not heat or burn tissues. This procedure reduces pain, swelling of tissue and inflammation, improves blood circulation and microcirculation, promotes healing processes, as well as increases the elasticity of muscle fibers and scars.

*the duration is personally adjusted by the health specialist.

The StimaWELL® system treats a wide variety of back problems. The flow of complex electric waves traveling through the StimaWELL® stimulation mat reaches deep layers of the muscles and causes a soothing sensation. The procedure is recommended for the relief of pain and muscle tension, as well as for strengthening weak back muscles. The StimaWELL RELAX system combines 4 types of stimulation: dynamic deep massage, thermotherapy, impulse and muscle stimulation.

*the duration is personally adjusted by the health specialist

Electrostimulation is a treatment with low-frequency pulse currents to restore the normal functional state of tissues and organs. When the nerve and muscle structures are stimulated, the nerve impulse contracts the muscles. Increased blood circulation inhibits the swelling of the tissues around the nerve, strengthens the senses and reduces the pain. Periodic muscle contractions and relaxation stimulate metabolism and act as a stimulus to reduce muscle spasms. Long-term stimulation of a muscle increases its fibers, thus enhancing muscle strength, tone and endurance.

The procedure is recommended for those who need to reduce pain and muscle spasms.

*the duration is personally adjusted by the health specialist.

Magnetotherapy is a popular physiotherapy technique based on the influence of low-frequency magnetic fields of alternating or constant action on problem area of the body. It is used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes as either a basic or complementary method, or as an alternative to drug therapy. A device with a running pulse magnetic field with a unique design of inductive areas allows magnetic pulses to reach a depth of 8-10 cm into tissues, making it suitable for treating virtually all organs. The physiological and therapeutic effects of the magnetic field are determined by the hydrodynamic currents of Foucault and magnetism, which activate the movement of charged ions and biochemical processes. Due to the antispasmodic effect on blood vessels, tissue blood circulation and nutrition are improved, swelling is reduced, immune cells are activated, and the secretion of natural analgesics is increased. Magnetotherapy is recommended for restoring and improving strength, improving psycho-emotional state, stabilizing blood circulation treating arthritis of various areas, healing injuries (fractures, bruises, sprains of ligaments), inflammation and neuralgia of nerves, varicose veins.

*the duration is personally adjusted by the health specialist.

“Alpha Pegasi” (helmet and alpha waves). The majority of people use this device before sleep. It usually takes at least three weeks of daily treatments until the patient feels noticeable changes. Brain massager soothes tension points around your head, eyes, scalp, neck and back, effectively reducing pressure. It is ideal for those who work at computers or read a lot. One massage session involves more functions and regimes than having a professional massage therapist’s appointment. The quality, effect and feelings of the massage can be compared to the handmade massage.
Breo I Dream – multifunctional massage helmet Breo I Dream head and eye massager is meant to stimulate the scalp, nervous tension, headache and muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area. Compression air massage affects different parts of the head – front and back. It reduces headaches and tension, improves the bloodstream. Multifunctional vibrating massager, relaxing melodies together with vibration regime make the massage more pleasant and more effective. There is a feeling as if the person was doing a head massage.
Oxygen therapy improves life quality, prolongs life and saturates body cells with oxygen. Devices, used for oxygen treatment are oxygen concentrators, which due to modern technologies, release oxygen from the air and filter, concentrate it and present it to the patient using the mask or nasal cannula. This treatment is prescribed for those, suffering from chronic lung, heart. skeletal muscle diseases. It was noticed that oxygen therapy improves patients’ quality of life, reduces anxiety and depression levels.
Light therapy (facial – scalp skin). Treatment using lights and colors is a very old treatment. It is a gentle, fast and effective way for correction and prophylaxis. Light and color change not only the body but also the soul. Color therapy is light and color used to balance and strengthen the main centers of our body. Color therapy works at a holistic level, affecting our mind, body and soul. Wellbeing is a state when not only physical but also emotional, mental and spiritual needs are balanced.
HYPOXICO is a unique therapy in rarefied air conditions that helps to improve metabolic processes and the general condition of the body. Treatment seems to take you to the mountain peaks, where the air has an interesting feature – it has a slightly lower oxygen concentration than on the plain, therefore, the body in the mountain environment actively mobilizes all its resources.
This is one of the latest techniques used in modern health and wellness practice to treat and prevent a number of diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine and immune systems, to increase physical endurance and adaptive capabilities of the body, as well as to prevent overwork and emotional burnout.
HUBER® 360 Evolution is the latest generation of coordination training systems for strengthening deep muscles, tendons and ligaments. While standing on a moving platform, various exercises are performed, with the purpose to treat and rehabilitate the existing pathology by engaging mobility resistance and flexibility. HUBER technology allows safe dynamic strengthening of superficial and deep muscles, as well as mobilizes joints, modifies body built, corrects posture and improves coordination.
This is one of the latest techniques used in modern medical practice to treat and prevent a number of diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine and immune systems, to increase physical endurance and adaptive capabilities of the body, as well as to prevent overwork and emotional burnout.
Pilates workout (individual). Special stretching and relaxation exercises are performed using additional means. They are individually chosen for every person. After the treatment course joint and back pains are reduced, muscles are strengthened, joints become more flexible, physical load tolerance is increased, metabolism is boosted, body weight is reduced and mood is uplifted.
With its synergy of specific slimming techniques and professional products which are both natural and effective due to the lipolytic and firming properties of their active ingredients, the Bio-active slimming treatment stimulates slimming and reduces the orange appearance of the skin.
This treatment, carried out in 10 stages, starts with a detailed body assessment which allows us to personalize the treatment in order to guarantee a tailor-made approach that achieves the best possible results. Then the mechanical modeling technique using bamboo aims to boost the body’s slimming action and complete Phyt’s signature manual maneuvers. Finally, at the end of the treatment, the Chrono Stimulator is used to provide comfort, firm the skin and prevent the storage of fat throughout the day.
An aromatic stroll in the heart of Provence… Have a breakthrough in the floral scents of Lavender to relax body and mind… A pure moment of serenity and wellness.
The ritual includes body scrub, wrapping treatment, and relaxing massage.
Great moral booster. Sparkling sensations enwrap you with tart notes of citrus fruit. A festival of sunny scents to help you replenish with new energy. Sheer rays of sunshine on your skin.
The ritual includes body scrub, wrapping treatment and relaxing massage.
For deep relaxation and well-being, precise massage masters’ movements, perfect and natural fragrance, as well as French products of gentle French texture, are used. Special treatment protocols are made to help to relax, tone, moisture skin, and improve general well-being.
The smell relaxes the whole body and soul. The peeling perfectly prepares the skin for the next treatment stage. Problematic body areas are wrapped into natural * ingredients from organic farms 100% natural ingredients – 97% composition is organic. Body mask – intensively affects the skin, strengthens it, reduces fluid retention, normalizes metabolism, ideal to shape the body, tones the skin, helps to regain its brightness and resilience, Full body relaxing massage with natural oils, which help to solve a lot of skin problems. During the treatment, you are laid on an incredibly soft, body surrounding the bed. It is filled with warm water, which is separated with a thin fabric, so the skin can perfectly feel the warmth (36⁰) and gentle water vibrations). So, without any effort and relaxation, you can feel weightlessness, as if “lying on the clouds”.
Sensual ritual for the body of 3 stages

Gentle feeling, warm colors, enchanting scents of cinnamon, star anise and cardamom. This escape is a sensory journey along the path of spices.

Pamper your body with enchanting scents and a melting texture with spice particles, it’s like a touch of silk with the warm scent of cardamom. Gently exfoliated body, giving the skin incredible softness. During the wrap – a mixture of clay and ginger will give a cozy feeling of warmth, the body will relax deeply, tension will disappear.

Parts of herbs with a mild distinctive taste, aroma and their mixtures are used during the treatment. Used to emphasize or supplement the feelings and improve the “quality” of life. The main purpose of spices is to improve the taste and aroma of “life”, to boost passion.

Therapeutic massage is especially useful for people having sedentary work, experiencing constant nervous tension and suffering from spinal pain. It is one of the most popular therapeutic massages to help relieve muscle tension caused by unfavorable posture, spinal pathology or nervous tension. After the massage, the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles as well as all muscle functions improve, blood pressure decreases and lymph flow is enhanced. After the massage you feel relief and peace, so this massage is intended not only for the body, but also for the bliss of the soul.
 Massages     For women     For men    
An aromatherapy massage is designed to deeply relax the body and mind, returning the most wonderful memories, positive emotions and tranquility. The composition of essential oils quickly penetrates the skin, and through the blood and lymph flows into every cell of your body. During the massage, tension and stress are reduced, the energy state improves, all this in combination creates harmony and great well-being.
 Massages     For women     For men    
We do our best to take care of our smallest guests. As an extra, joyful wellness remedy we offer you to use a massage. When a child starts walking support- the movement system (shoulders, back) gets a heavier load. Massage for kids has both: preventive and curative effects. We work with children from the age of 1 year old.
 For children    
Therapeutic leg massage Massage is for full leg – feet, shin and thighs from both sides. The aim of the massage: soothe the pain, relax, improve bloodstream, restore efficiency.
 Massages     For women     For men     For pregnant    
Head and shoulder massage. A massage therapist can activate metabolism, relax or vice versa to tone the muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation. The therapist relaxes tense neck and shoulder line muscles, soothes neck pain and headache, dizziness, reduces enlarged sensitivity or tension. Shoulder line massage restores efficiency, improves wellbeing, strengthens the physical and emotional state.
 Massages     For women     For men     For pregnant    
This method improves the correction of a person’s functional state. Specialists, practicing the shiatsu massage techniques help their clients to get rid of certain diseases without the use of medications. The massage technique will have a positive effect on health – the pain will be reduced to a minimum.

The massage improves blood flow throughout the body and activates brain activity. The pressure technique acts on biologically active points. The treatment itself is a real pleasure, accompanied by complete relaxation and restoration of great efficiency, energy and vitality, reduces stress and apathy, boosts metabolic elimination processes and restores efficiency.

 Massages     For women     For men    
Indian head massage is an effective therapeutic and relaxing massage technique. This massage (in Hindi it is called “champi”) has deep and old traditions in Indian culture. They come from Indian families.

During the treatment a shoulder area, part of an arm (upper arm), neck, head and face are treated. This massage is a fast, simple and effective way to relax the tension and boost new energy. The massage is performed on a simple chair. A client can take off the clothes, it is possible not to use any oil (unless the client wants it himself/ herself). Indian head massage relaxes the accumulated tension and restores energy balance. The massage is suitable for hard-working, traveling, drivers and those who work at the computer a lot.  It relaxes tense muscles, helps to concentrate, reduces stress. After the massage vitality boosts, the posture becomes more graceful and lighter, the client gets more energy and self-confidence.

This massage effectively relaxes tense muscles, stimulates and boosts the lymphatic system, increases joint flexibility, provides freshness and reduces stress.

 For pregnant    
This massage strengthens and restores a vital person’s energy. Feet have a direct link to the Universe. They take us everywhere we go the whole life. Thus, we must take care of them. Feet is full of nerve cells, which are responsible for all organs, they connect and keep the whole person’s balance. This massage stimulates heavy feet after a tiring workday and restores a person’s energetics.
Swedish massage is a special therapeutic and diagnostic system. Swedish massage technique involves the implementation of a system of certain movements that activates blood circulation and restores the elasticity of muscle fibers. They also help to restore the flexibility and strength of the joints. It does not cause any severe painful sensations. The main goal is healing.

The peculiarity of this technique is working not only with the skin and muscles, but also with the joints. Today, it is popular all over the world for its simple technique and efficiency.

Each movement is made to prepare the body for the next stage, which forms a full, harmonious massage, so the desired result is achieved faster, it is more effective and better felt.

Swedish back massage takes 30 minutes. depending on the client’s complaints. Swedish full body massage is 60-90 min.

 Massages     For women     For men     For pregnant    
Somnarium is a unique place where a person can rest during sleep: the heart rate and breathing slow down, the muscles relax, the person’s receptivity to stress decreases and a state of inner peace is experienced. The unique light technology applied in the Somnarium space takes them back to the memories under the starry sky. EnergyPod® chairs designed for relaxation adapt to the body position and provide a feeling of weightlessness, comfort and privacy. During the session, the three-stage music therapy system consistently introduces, sustains and completes the experience.
Somnarium is a unique place where a person can rest during sleep: the heart rate and breathing slow down, the muscles relax, the person’s receptivity to stress decreases and a state of inner peace is experienced. The unique light technology applied in the Somnarium space takes them back to the memories under the starry sky. EnergyPod® chairs designed for relaxation adapt to the body position and provide a feeling of weightlessness, comfort and privacy. During the session, the three-stage music therapy system consistently introduces, sustains and completes the experience. Oxygen therapy improves patients’ quality of life, reduces anxiety and depression levels.
Treatment and prevention of wide profile back problems:

Body composition diagnostics HUBER 360 Evolution 30 min

Electrotherapy with StimaWELL® system 20 min

Workout in a swimming pool 45 min

Vertical bath 30 min

Mental tension, chronic fatigue, stress, insomnia, decline of vital capacity:

Measurement and consultation of the oxygen saturation in tissues 15 min

Somnarium with oxygen 20 min

Classic facial massage 30 min

Herbals’ collection 20 min

Muscle tension, pain, stiffness, spine and joint problems, headaches, general weakness:

Body fat, muscle mass analysis and consultation 15 min

Head and shoulder massage 30 min

Underwater massage 30 min

Paraffin therapy (baths for hands or feet) 20 min

For dry, gray skin to improve facial skin tone, stop skin aging processes:

Facial cleansing treatment using “Hydrojet” device 30 min

Skin tightening using radio frequency 30 min

Classical facial massage 30 min

Restores vital amounts of moisture and nutrients, maximizes cell regeneration, makes skin healthier and radiant:

Body scrub and skin nourishment treatment 60 min

Wellness floating therapy Thermo-Spa 20 min

Phyt‘s Exspress Hydrating Treatment 75 min

Restores healthy skin, removes signs of fatigue, restore shine and balance:

Facial cleansing treatment using “Hydrojet” device 90 min

Body ritual “Escapade Energisante” 90 min

Flowers’ collection 20 min

For those with sedentary work, experiencing stress. Relaxes tense muscles, helps maintain attention:

Shiatsu – acupressure foot massage 30 min

Vertical bath 30 min

Somnarium 20 min

Metabolic disorders, salt accumulation, loss of sexual energy:

“Alpha Pegasi” (helmet and alpha waves) 20 min

Somnarium with oxygen 20 min

Aromatherapy full body massage 60 min

STENDO® cardio-synchronized compression therapy 20 min

Slimming and well-being program:

Bio-Active Slimming Program „Minceur Bio-Active“ 45 min

Vacuum massage, using radiofrequency: full body 60 min

Aromas’ collection 20 min

Therapeutic workout in water combines two natural biological factors: movements and water. Water helps to restore impaired body functions. Different additional means are used while performing exercises: ones as floating objects, which help to stay on the water, perform movements in the right way, others- to increase joints amplitude and strengthen water resistance. Warm water relaxes the body, soothes the pain and a person can move freely. The main principle – to stretch the spine in water in different positions using special means and exercises.
Immerse yourself in a pearl bath, where aroma-enriched water reduces muscle tension. The pearl bath has a very positive effect on the general condition of the body. Select a scent from a collection of air-scented spa fragrances and enrich the bath procedure with exceptional freshness and the experience provided by the aromatherapy element for body and soul. The pearl bath has a soothing effect on the central nervous system, reduces inflammation and improves sleep. The procedure is aimed to enhance blood circulation, deal with problems of respiratory and digestive systems that are a result of prolonged stress, and helps to relieve migraine and skin diseases. The essential oils contained in the extracts have a strong aromatherapy effect, suitable for all skin types, especially for oily skin, as they regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands and disinfects the skin. Inhaling vapors of herbs helps to cure respiratory diseases by promoting oxygen circulation in the blood vessels of the skin.
 Water procedures    
We offer you to try a unique combination of herbs while taking a bath. The effect of herbs suppresses inflammation, disinfects, relieves pain, has a calming effect on the central nervous system, treats insomnia and relaxes.
 Water procedures    
Aromatic flower water was used back in Mesopotamian times. It was already known at that time that water has a special property to absorb and transfer nutrients from the flowers, leaves, roots or bark of plants. Every drop of flower water is a source of life and beauty. The fragrant plant gives water not only a great scent but also biologically active substances that have a positive effect on our skin. The natural flower water bath is suitable to keep both beauty and youth, to moisturize and give the skin a healthier and fresher look.
 Water procedures    
Just natural essential oils EucalyptusGlobullus and MenthaArvensis as well as plant emulsifiers that allow the oil molecules to be evenly distributed over the entire water area.

The most valuable type of eucalyptus is the spherical eucalyptus, a natural antiseptic. Powerful effects on pathogenic microflora (viruses, fungi, bacteria) have been applied not only in naturopathy but also in classical medicine. Products from eucalyptus leaves are used in the presence of severe inflammation of the throat, skin, prevention of viral infections. The strengthening properties of eucalyptus make the skin firm and non-inflammatory

Menthaarvensis essential oil facilitates breathing, dilates the bronchi, and makes breathing and the supply of oxygen to tissues and cells more efficient. Exposure to this valuable natural oil improves skin nutrition, relieves capillary spasms, and normalizes skin microflora. Peppermint oil strengthens the immunity of the bronchopulmonary system, relieves inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and in the presence of diseases (bronchitis, emphysema, “bronchitis of smokers”, COVID-19) improves the excretion of sputum and reduces edema. All essential oils are of plant origin.

All plants are harvested in their natural habitats during periods when there is the greatest accumulation of essential oils and valuable substances. The raw materials are not heat-treated during production, so all valuable molecules remain healthy and undamaged. The emulsifiers used in this product are of plant origin and are even used in food preparation. Each molecule of the essential oil is covered on all sides with a film of water to prevent decomposition or oxidation. The double effect of the bath occurs through the skin and the bronchopulmonary system.

The session takes place in maximum cozy conditions – water temperature is equal to body temperature, the spine and other groups of the muscles are not loaded. Without any signals from external irritants, the vestibular system does not feel any necessity to keep the balance for a correct posture, so it “switches off” for some time. During the treatment you are laid on an incredibly soft, body surrounding the bed. It is filled with warm water, which is separated with a thin fabric, so the skin can perfectly feel the warmth (36⁰) and gentle water vibrations). So, without any effort and relaxation, you can feel weightlessness, as if “lying on the clouds”.
Underwater massage is not only an effective way to relax but also a great way to promote health. The treatment helps to eliminate the consequences of injuries, harmonizes the nervous system, improves metabolism and blood circulation. Underwater massage is performed by using water jets while lying in a special bath by individually selecting different current intensities and water temperatures for individual parts of the body. After the procedure, the flexibility of the joints and the grace of movements improve, as well as the work of the heart, by supplying more oxygen to the tissues.
Movement therapy in a vertical bath is an exclusive procedure, during which the exercises for strengthening body muscles, stretching the soft tissues and passive stretching of the spine are performed in water. This procedure improves muscle nutrition, relaxes the compressed intervertebral discs, increases mobility, makes movements freer, reduces pain, improves emotional well-being. Stretching in water is significantly superior to simple stretching, because warm water improves blood circulation, removes various toxins from tired muscles, relaxes muscles, and reduces pain.
This massage is perfect prevention and also treatment to stop the skin ageing process. It is recommended for dry, dull, oily skin to improve facial skin tone, to make scars less visible, to shape facial oval, to stop skin ageing processes.
A real treat! You’ll enjoy the almond and fruit fragrances of this care. The hands and fingers of your Naturo-Beautician gently brush and press in fluid movements. Time stands still. Your skin is replenished. Your senses are re-awakened by a refreshing cleansing / exfoliating care with a bouquet of organic active ingredients, 100% of natural origin (such as lemon, verbena, rosemary, lavender). Then, a delightful modelage, with tonic Peppermint, Palmarosa for good regeneration, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid (real water trap) which are the two pillars of the treatment. The session continues with the application of a mask. Have complete relaxation while the skin benefits the most of the active ingredients. Finally your skin is protected and balanced thanks to the Fluid or Moisturizer, depending on your skin type.